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Dr. Psonak

Welcome to Health Always by Chelation Medical Center, LLC

As research is revealing, environmental factors play a significant role in health and disease. We continue to offer cutting edge medical services, diagnostic testing, and products consistent with our intent to help your body heal naturally.

We have converted temporarily to an on-line office, so please feel free to check out our specialized labs here.

If you want to know how to help your body regain energy and feel at its best, and if you want to know what may be affecting you environmentally from internal and external events, then please purview our on-line tests and/or set up a health consult with Ray Psonak, D.O., an expert in the field of environmental and functional medicine.

We help with lifestyle changes through looking at environmental triggers, nutrition, diet, EMF’s, air and water.
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Testing can be done in the convenience of your own home by ordering from 40 different tests including saliva, finger prick, urine, stool, or hair tests which can give you and your physician invaluable information. You can even access Dr. Psonak, whose 27 years in the field of functional medicine gives him wide experience. Just call for a personal phone consult on your test.

As an example, at Chelation Medical Center, LLC we have an effective way of measuring nutritional status, and toxic heavy metal burden with a simple hair test. Nutritional information can determine any nutrition deficiencies, and a hair test reporting toxic metals can determine need for a detox program.

Hair testing can also tell what foods you may be sensitive to, or have an intolerance to. Click here to find out more about this test.

Have other concerns?

Want to know how your body utilizes nutrients and what it actually needs? An excellent test that does this is a comprehensive urinary metabolic profile. This test measures 36 organic acids in the urine and is called Organic Acid Test (OAT). Organic acids are the end products of metabolism and many people with chronic illnesses and neurological disorders often excrete several abnormal organic acids in their urine.

This test is excellent to combine with the Environmental Pollutants Profile (EPP) for toxic chemicals , that with continued exposure from our environment, gradually build up over time and cause symptoms.

As a special on this test, for only $50.00 more, you will get a half hour phone consult with Dr. Psonak. Just call the office for this when you are ready at 207-657-4325.


Why Detox your Body?

Our bodies need to detox because of the myriad of chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis that is in our food supply, water, air, and now the onslaught of EMF’s in our environment. Many people also ingest toxic chemicals from taking medicine, using alcohol and tobacco, or illicit drugs. Millions of pounds of industrial chemicals are dumped into public sewage storage. Millions more are released into the ground and discharged into surface waters and into the atmosphere. Our food supply has chemicals, artificial colors and flavors, also shampoos, lotions, toothpaste, cleansers, artificial fragrances. Our bodies are bombarded daily with chemicals.

When the body is on overload, then the manifestation of dis-ease begins: headache, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, irritability, depression, mental confusion, gastrointestinal tract irregularities, cardiovascular irregularities, allergic reactions, and hives to name a few. With more toxic overload, more serious conditions emerge.

What can be done to help detox and protect our bodies? At Chelation Medical Center, detoxification is an important part of our treatment plan. Colon, liver and kidney cleanses are recommended. If constipation is present, we recommend buffered vitamin C in addition, on a dose related basis. A stool analysis may be ordered to see what pathogenic bacteria or overgrowth of yeast may be present. An intestinal permeability test may be done if leaky-gut is suspected. A hair collection can be done to check for heavy metals as well as nutritional needs.  A chemical panel is typically done to check for kidney and liver function. Dietary intake is looked at, and diet teaching if needed.  Supplements are recommended after some initial tests are completed.

No matter what condition you may be in, we believe it is possible to recover when the right steps are taken toward good health.

 All these tests can be ordered on line. And we look forward to a phone consult with you soon. Call 207-657-4325 for an appointment.