Comprehensive Male Hormones Saliva Panel by Access Labs

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Comprehensive Male Hormone Saliva Panel by Access Labs
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Comprehensive Male Hormone Saliva Panel Includes:

  • Testosterone
  • DHT
  • Androstenedione
  • DHEA
  • Cortisol A.M.
  • Melatonin
  • Estrone
  • Estradiol
  • Estriol
  • Progesterone
  • Optional Cortisol X 4 Adrenal Evaluation (4 saliva samples)

Access Medical Labs Comprehensive Male Hormones Saliva Panel is a simple at home test which helps indicate if your levels of hormones are at their prime. In men a decrease of hormones such as Testosterone begins in mid-life. Estrogen and Progesterone, normally considered “female hormones” are not only found in men, but also help to preserve masculinity.  The fact is Progesterone is a precursor of Testosterone, the male sex hormone.  As men age, estrogen levels steadily rise.  High cortisol levels have been linked to poor libido and erectile dysfunction as well as its role in controlling metabolism and the immune response.  DHEA is a precursor for the male hormones which regulate and preserve male characteristics. Elevated DHT levels are closely linked to male pattern baldness.  Melatonin plays an important role in sleep patterns.  There are many other factors which can also affect your hormone levels such as poor diet and exercise. Knowing your levels is key in knowing if HRT – Hormone Replacement Therapy is right for you.

What are hormones and how do hormones work?
Hormones are special chemicals that your body makes. The job of hormones is to control how different parts of your body work. The main male hormone is testosterone. Low testosterone can be a cause of chronic fatigue.
If you have further questions after receiving your report, a phone consult with Dr. Psonak is available for an additional fee.