Bio-Resonance Hair Test

Food Intolerance Test

Bio-Resonance Hair Test

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  • Tests for intolerance to over 600 foods, additives, nutritional deficiencies, and toxic metals
  • Only a few strands of hair is required
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We recognize that bodies are unique, and when it comes to food, not all bodies can handle what others can. These are called food intolerances.  An intolerance and an allergy are very different. Although they may appear similar, they affect the body uniquely. While an allergy can cause immediate immune responses, an intolerance is the result of the body improperly digesting food or being irritated by a particular substance and can be delayed. These intolerances will cause the body to fight and subsequently react in a wide range of symptoms that may include fatigue, migraine headaches, rhinitis, asthma, recurrent ear infection, abdominal pain, irritable bowel, arthralgia, eczema, urticaria, rashes, and anxiety.